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Restaurant 1890

Restaurant 1890

Project: Restaurant 1890 Lighting Designer: Victoria Jerram Interior Designer:Russell Sage Studio Photographer: Courtesy of Gordon Ramsay Restaurants

Bar of Hotel Kämp in Helsinki has new elegant appearance. We designed lighting to bar and entrance in this building full of history.


Bar of Hotel Kämp in Helsinki has new elegant appearance. They designed lighting to bar and entrance in this building full of history.    


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ROYAL ACADEMY OF MUSIC, LONDON KulturbautenMusikhallen


The new building for the Royal Academy of Music houses the Susie Sainsbury Theatre for Opera and Musical, the Angela Burgess Recital Hall (studio stage)

The Flaming Beacon- Amanyara


Project: Amanyara Lighting Designers: The Flaming Beacon Architects: Denniston International Architects and Planers Island Planning Corporation Photographer: Lloyd Inwards Location: Turks and Caicos  

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LIT Lighting Design Awards April 2023

LIT LIGHTING DESIGN AWARDS WELCOME SUBMISSIONS FROM AROUND THE WORLD. The LIT Design Awards ™ was created to recognize the efforts of talented international lighting

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Bamboo Beauty

The John Hardy Boutique in Mambal, Bali has undergone a stunning transformation. The world-renowned artisan jewellery maker’s establishment is now a stunning celebration of lighting

40 under 40

Forty Under Forty 2023 Opens Today

The 40 under 40 Awards is ready for your nominations for 2023.    🏆It’s open today! 🏆 The 40 under 40 is a unique annual

Vertical illuminance contributes significantly to the impression of brightness in a space and aids visual tasks in the vertical plane.

A Human Approach in Melbourne

At the 14,000sqm new-build VicRoads Ringwood Customer Hub, with more than 1,000 public visits per week, service facilities are often bustling. Key to making the

Vinod Pillai

Collaboration by Design

Vinod Pillai, design director at Dubai-based Studio Lumen, discusses the process of how lighting designers work collaboratively with interior designers and the ways in which

Up Close

Up Close with Andre Tammes

I think the genesis of my interest in lighting was from my childhood in a house with no electricity. I grew up in Newton House,


The Art of Illumination

In a thought-provoking dialogue, designing lighting global editor Ray Molony talks to lighting and conservation expert David Saunders about striking the right balance in lighting


A Work of Light and Shade

Over the last decade. William Kentridae shows have captures e imagination of the oublic Always large in scale, ambitious in scope and astonishing in execution,

Dark Sky Project Takes Award

Dark Sky Project Takes Award

An innovative exterior project featuring dark sky technologies and dynamic colour temperatures has been awarded a top award, Ray Molony reports. Awarding a rare green